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From: "Grant Youngman" <nq5t@comcast.net>
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Date: Wed, 12 Jul 2006 19:17:48 -0700
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> And fron what I have heard the Flex radio SDR-X.is going to 
> be a $10,000 I guess  getting it right is going to cost a lot 
> more money.
> I will stick with my Orion II.

The Orion III (or whatever it's to be called) will probably be at least that
much, assuming the wish list I've been reading here gets implemented. (I
haven't seen anything about hyperspace comm channels using tachyon beams
yet, but it's only a matter of time).

I think 10G is going to be the going rate to have a radio that gives its
owner truly large cohones relative to his/her lesser and unenlightened and
less technically astute peers.

The 10G radios have fewer grumblers (except for the Yaesu 9000, of course).
And as some have said -- the 7800 has every feature you could possibly want
(although many or most of the "frills" are pretty pedestrian implementations
of what the really good stuff can do, regardless of how fancy the display
looks on that "cool" 21 flat panel screen).  I have to LOL at the guys
wondering if the Orion will be supported since the Dragonball is obsolete.
The 7800 is expected to be a 20 year radio, and it won't be long  -- next
year? 18 months?  - until every part in the thing except for the grease is
also obsolete.  Same for the 9000.   What in the world are people thinking?

There are those who think the Flex (or any other radio, for that matter) is
going to increase their ham radio enjoyment because it hears things no other
radio will hear (right!).  Or REALLY be the 5 contact difference in winning
the NA Sweepstakes or a Sprint or whatever. I hope they let us all know when
that happens in some other context than their wildest dreams :-)

Maybe we need to re-enact the 20 wpm code test, and maybe resurrect the need
to draw an actual schematic (or at least write the proof of the
Wiener-Kinchin Theorem) on the license exams and take the exams in front of
real grouchy FCC examiners in some dark, humid, hot and smelly office
building in a bad part of town, although even that won't correct funky
reasoning ;-)


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