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Subject: Re: [TenTec] This and That!
From: Gregory Andracke <w2bee@yahoo.com>
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Date: Wed, 12 Jul 2006 20:22:52 -0700 (PDT)
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Toby, What a fabulous idea and it would get a lot of
the "kvetching" (as we say in NY) off the reflector!  

I'm a long time user of TenTec equipment, although I'm
not an owner of the O-series and have not spent the
"big bux" for one, I gotta say, many of the
owners/kvetchers need to get a life!

To those offended by my comments, I'm flame proof!  73
 Gregory W2BEE

--- Toby Pennington <toby423@earthlink.net> wrote:

> I live really close to the Ten Tec factory and have
> made numerous visits over the past several years,  
> and consider some of the employees as my friends.  I
> have always enjoyed visiting and talking with the
> different personel at  the plant.
> A lot of what I have learned over the past years
> about ham radio has come from employees at Ten Tec, 
> and I have a lot of fond memories of talking with
> employees from the president to service techs over
> that period of time.   
> Ten Tec does a lot of hand holding for a lot of us, 
> and we receive incredible service when we have
> problems with our rigs.  It is very comforting to
> deal with a company that is so responsive when we
> have a problem with out rigs.  The service
> department is the best, but.........
> Our friend, Ten Tec, is having problems with its
> latest series of rigs,  namely the Orion 1 and Orion
> 2.  The firmware is buggy and not working correctly,
>  and updates are extremely slow in being released. 
> The rigs are not fully functional as a result.  
> Instead of posting our frustrations on this
> reflector,  which I have also done in the past,  I
> think it would be good for some of us to actually
> make a visit to Ten Tec and talk over our
> frustrations and ideas for improvement with the
> president of Ten Tec,  Jack Burchfield and Gary
> Barbour V.P.   Or, if a visit cannot be made, just
> pick up the phone and calmly express our concerns
> without  shouting and screaming.  
> I believe the main issue is not really whats wrong
> with the rigs at this time,  but the real problem is
> a total lack of communication between Ten Tec and
> its customer base,  to such an extent that customers
> do not know where they stand anymore with their
> purchase. 
> Customers are left in the dark,  and this is clearly
> the fault of the management of Ten Tec.  Improving
> in this one simple area would go a very long way in
> helping to bring the Ten Tec family of company and
> customers together in a common effort.  Orion owners
> would like to know whats going on.....what is being
> worked on, and what is the timeline for an update
> for certain issues.  
> Let hope our friend, Ten Tec, can make adjustments
> and begin to communicate with its customer base.....
> Toby  W4CAK
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Gregory Andracke, W2BEE
New York City and Pine Plains, NY

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