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[TenTec] SDR1000 comparisons

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Subject: [TenTec] SDR1000 comparisons
From: Keith Bainbridge <vk6xh@arach.net.au>
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Date: Thu, 13 Jul 2006 11:54:11 +0800
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I own a TenTec Omni VI  opt 3, an Omni D, and an SDR1K .
If I pop in the shack to have a quick look around the bands or someone 
tips me about some dx around on our 2mtr chat frequency then the Omni VI 
is the radio of choice. Turn it on , operate, turn it off. Nice and 
easy. I use my Omni D in my workshop to listen around when I get a chance.
I have also owned a Corsair II so I like my TenTecs, now the but....
The SDR1000 leaves all of the above for dead on receive AT THIS 
LOCATION. and that is the reason the SDR is my radio of choice for a 
contest, serious operating etc, less fatigue using the dsp, easy to spot 
the weak signals on the panadaptor all these things add up to keeping me 
on the air and operating rather than casual use of the radio gear.
I've owned many HF radios over the past 25 years licensed, and the SDR 
and the TenTec Omni VI are by far the best, with the Corsair II third.
It comes down to your requirements as a ham..
Its pointless comparing apples with oranges, it all comes down to if you 
like it and it works you will use it and spend more time on the air.
Thats what the hobby is all about, getting on the bands !!
My 2 Aussie cents worth
vy 73

Keith Bainbridge

Vice-President    Northern Corridor Radio Group    (  VK6ANC )
Amsat NA 35338
TenTec Omni VI, FlexRadio SDR 1000 , 5 Band Spiderbeam.
Wireless Institute of Australia
Previous calls include VK6DXC, VK6BRK,G6HHV, G0HEI & G1GHZ

You're just jealous 'cos the voices only speak to me.........


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