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Date: Thu, 13 Jul 2006 07:17:17 -0400
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Amen! The folks at TenTec are all certified EEs (electrical entomologists).
They will get the bugs out with the help of the reflector. They read this
stuff too. I have had four T-T rigs; still have Omni V and Argo V. If
nothing else, the reflector helps the learning curve for both the company
and its customers. The company is great at fixing problems, and you get a
fast reply to email queries. As with other reflector members, my eyes aren't
very good, so I can get help with no problem. Long live T-T!


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...and I'm troll proof.  What you describe as "kvetching" (a Yiddish
term--we called it "constructive criticism" in Philadelphia) are
observations backed up with actual test data done with commercial grade test
equipment and in response the radios inability to meet published
specifications.  I'm an engineer, not a psychiatrist, so list members who
engage in psychobabble, subjective hyperbole and ad homonym attacks simply
fail to make an impression on me, or to change the facts that have been
derived in a scientific manner to explain the subjective observations by
many users.  You can "love" your radio all you want, worship it or even take
it to bed with you if you like (I live near San Francisco so nothing shocks
me anymore) but it won't change the fact that the firmware needs revision
which TT acknowledges and hopefully will accomplish in the near future.


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> Toby, What a fabulous idea and it would get a lot of
> the "kvetching" (as we say in NY) off the reflector!
> I'm a long time user of TenTec equipment, although I'm
> not an owner of the O-series and have not spent the
> "big bux" for one, I gotta say, many of the
> owners/kvetchers need to get a life!
> To those offended by my comments, I'm flame proof!  73
> Gregory W2BEE
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