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Date: Thu, 13 Jul 2006 11:57:25 -0400
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I had recently questioned whether the Omni or similar rigs had a design
problem if they needed to be protected by an Airpax breaker.  One of the
Airpax advocates responded that the issue was not oscillation but the
ability of the rigs to put out full power into a mismatch causing a quick
thermal failure due to inadequate heat-sinking.  To me that sounded like a
questionable explanation, but again a misdesign problem if true.  But these
failures do indeed sound like oscillation problems.  Strange indeed.  My
condolences.  It is a painful experience to have to ship a rig out for
Bob W2WG

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I've had similar experiences (current jumping up all of a sudden because of 
self-oscillation) with the older Ten-Tec radios.  In my case the trouble was

caused by the rig's not producing ALC voltage because of bad diodes.  I 
called Garland and he said something like, "Yep, they can do that if the 
diodes are bad."  It cost me about $0.96 to make the repair.

73, Mike N4NT

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Subject: [TenTec] repairs

OK, guys, I normally consider myself a pretty patient guy. But this is
getting to be a bit much.

I have sent my OmniVI Plus back to the factory 3 times in one year. Each
time for (roughly) the same problem: the transmitter keeps blowing out.
After the second time, I set myself up with the best antenna tuners that
money can buy, just in case it was my fault. As of now, I really don't
think it was.

Each time, I am able to operate for a short time, a few hours, before
something gives, and the transmitter is then only able to go into some
kind of oscillation where it pegs the current meter after advancing the
power level up past a couple of watts. This happens while slowly and
carefully advancing the power control in preparation for tuning up.

It happened again today. This time around, I was able to run 80m during
sweepstakes a few weeks ago for several hours, and that is the only time
I have had the radio on since getting it back. Then I tried to tune up
on 20m this morning, and <poof>.

To their credit, they have replaced many components, last time at no
charge. But this will be the second DX season that I have missed due to
the average 4 to 6-week turnaround on repairs - (had to use my spare
Yaesu rig for cqww, ugh.)

I really like Ten-Tec equipment, but I am rapidly losing faith. It is as
if they are just putting band-aids on the problem, instead of actually
fixing what is wrong. I have heard, for example, that certain parts for
the Omni's are simply unavailable, is there any truth to that?

I would really hate to become one of the rice-burner users, but what is
my alternative? Any others with similar experiences? Any suggestions
appreciated, thanks.

Larry  N8KU

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