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From: "Lynn Lamb, W4NL" <w4nl@charter.net>
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Date: Thu, 13 Jul 2006 12:32:13 -0400
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This is primarily offered to potential Orion owners who for whatever reasons 
may be getting a negative message on the rig.  This reflector is a very 
healthy exchange of issues with the Orion and this message is an attempt to 
put it into easy words to help with any decision. Others may wish to add to 
the positives and negatives.. their call.

I'm a Ten-Tec owner.. First production Orion I with all the latest updates 
and version 2.055 that works fine and I'm an extreme operator (whatever that 
means), not a casual operator.  Honestly, this must be a different radio 
from most (not all) of what I read here on the reflector.

Here are some positives and negatives for those looking for some information 
from a satisfied operator. There is a learning curve that many never master 
hence some of the comments.  If you buy please spend time learning the 


It 'hears' very well.  (compared to: Omni VI+, Omni V, K2, IC-765,

                  ProIII, MkV, Pro 746, etc and equal to the Orion II which 

                  beside this one for several weeks).

It seldom crashes.  'Off and on' fixes when it does.

The display is even and does the job.

The antenna/vfo selection is a high point.

The sweep works as advertised and suits me.

The program ACG is super.

The strong signal problems close to the operating frequency .. NO!

The QSK is good for me and works fine with the Alpha 99 and modified

Collins 30L1.

The book is good and help is available. ALWAYS.

The receive and transmit audio is outstanding and can be tailored.

                Yes, it works well with the Heil HC4 and Ten-Tec's new

                Model 708.  Learn how to adjust it.

The menu is front and center, not buried somewhere. You don't need

the book each time.

Service is nothing short of the very best, period.

It's was conceived, designed, built, and serviced by a listening USA

                company of hams.  This is important to me-- perhaps not 

It's a radio that is updated without selling and buying another.

It's a 100 watt radio with 12 VDC requirements not built into the rig.

It has if purchased new a 30 day return policy.

It has an RF gain adjustment which works the way I like... turn it

                down and the signal/noise goes down, glory be!

It has an analog meter.

It has a 4 pin mic connector, hi.

It has two identical large knobs, one for each receiver.

It has dual diversity receive. two receivers, different or same antenna,

                one knob, same frequency.  A huge plus.

And it feels good.

Negatives (perhaps):

No color display.  See the Orion II with the best color display.

It's a radio with some minor bugs.

It's a radio with stinking din connectors!

It's a radio without six meters.

It's a radio with serial port vice USB port.

It's a radio with questionable benefits for the noise reduction

                especially on CW.

It does not have a second receiver equal in any way to the first

                incredible receiver however, the second receiver is a 

                coverage receiver.

 It has a wasted knob/space in the 'cut' feature.  Just ignore it.

This is basically what I believe and hope these are clear.  There are lots 
of folks who do answer specific questions here on the reflector if you 
choose.  Many of these are experts in specifics.. ask and you will receive!

73, Lynn W4NL

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