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Date: Thu, 13 Jul 2006 19:26:11 -0500
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Why complicate the process of broadcasting by adding expensive and 
problematical digital hardware, to an essential analog process?  DRM is not 
an efficient use of spectrum.

The market, ie advertising, to support new expensive broadcasting hardware, 
is probably not there now to support much DRM type effort.  The competition 
is severe in AM and FM markets over here.  I imagine there is a similar slim 
margin in SW broadcasting, otherwise, why have so many decreased or dropped 
their on SW programming?  Swiss Radio-gone.  BBC North America service- 
curtailed.  HCJB stopping SW programming.  The bands are less populated than 
when I took up SWL hobby as a youth.

There is way too much "digital for Digital's sake" and the reality of the 
medium is overlooked.  When SW broadcasting was in its heyday, there was no 
TV, no worldwide cable nets, no internet blogs.  The pie is sliced into more 
small pieces when it comes to broadcasting.  I doubt most consumers are 
going to want to invest in all new radio just to hear DRM.

It is also problematical that pay to hear services like Sirius are going to 
take over from terrestrial broadcasting in the free mode.

What may change the whole Short Wave picture is the Broadband Over Power 
Line hype.  A flawed technology, but one that might drive the remaining 
SWL'ers and other users of the HF spectrum away from their radios if QRM is 
unbearable.  That might enhance the attraction of digital broadcast modes.

But look at AM stereo, and other improvements that never panned out.  Look 
at Beta vs. VHS.  Sometimes consumers do not follow the technology.


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