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Date: Thu, 13 Jul 2006 20:34:47 -0400
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> David H. Walker
> Aiken, SC
> k0cop@onlymyemail.com
> Correct me if I am wrong but I believe this is a very big mistake. TENTEC 
> is becoming a "half way TENTEC". Big hype >but little 
> else. --------------- So if TENTEC is reading our email let's start giving 
> weekly updates as to problems and what is >being done to fix these 
> problems. It doesn't take much effort to say a few encouraging words to 
> the flock! I don't mean "we >are working on the problem". I mean "yes we 
> are working on such and such and expect a release of a fix for this 
> problem >next week"!

I believe Ten Tec *Has* acknowledged that they are working on the "bugs" in 
the software, and are working to eliminate them. I prefer for them to keep 
working on the problems and not waste valuable time on this eMail reflector 
baby sitting and changing diapers. If I'm grownup enough to buy a 3 to $4000 
radio I don't need anyone holding my hand if it's not working properly. I'll 
wait for it to be fixed or sell it and try to be satisfied with some other 

As far as the other poster that said something about "advertising hype"----  
Consumers that buy * anything * based on todays advertising are really 
showing their ignorance. Ten Tec has a 30 day return policy and it would be 
wise to use it if it doesn't satisfy out of the box. Wait for the 
extermination process and when all is cleared up try again.

Wanted old Orions, 73, John WA4TT       ( the TT ain't short for Ten Tec---  
but its fine if you want it to)

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