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Date: Wed, 12 Jul 2006 21:45:15 EDT
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will the SDR do QSK.. at 20 wpm, ? 30 wpm ?
how much do you have invested $$ in the SDR and the associated computers,  as 
much as the orion, more than the orion, 
and my biggest question, is that, " will SDR be here tomorrow."   There is 
not much "company,"  and are they going to be here in 5 years? you  have 500 
computer geeks playing with this like they used to do with the Mac, and  when 
they get bored, who will update the radio, Ten Tec will be here tomorrow ,  
SDR or will it be like your old tandy 1000 sitting out in the  garage..  My 
In a message dated 7/12/2006 6:34:06 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time,  
kg6tt@tomorrowsweb.com writes:

You are  right in many aspects the SDR-1000 does not
equal the Orion, it surpasses  it.  I own 2 SDR-1000's
and one Orion.  My Orion has been  relegated to being
my 75M ragchew radio because the SDR is better at  weak
signal work, contesting and DXing especially on CW. 
The receiver  has better selectivity (yes I have the
Inrad 600hz roofing filter) and it  is quieter than the

In addition while the Orion  is updated once every
12-18 months you can download the latest beta code  for
the SDR daily using version tracking software.  If you
don't  like it the change you just flip up the most
recent iteration of the  software you do like.  And
guess what!!  The software actually  improves the radio
without breaking a bunch of other features.     

If your smart enough you can add features to the
software and if  people like your addition it will be
included in the next release.  If  your not that smart
but have a good idea and can convince someone to  imp
lament it, it also will see the light of day.  Those
guys DO  monitor the reflector, and since they are
interested in being sensitive to  the needs of their
customers they actually either respond with the  change
needed or explain the rationale why the suggestion
can't be  implemented or is impractical to implement. 
The Original software was  written in visual basic, and
that has changed to a .Net framework i.e not  just a
change around the periphery but MAJOR surgery to the
code to make  the radio better.  And better is gets all
the time.  The code is  presently rewrite so it will
become modular seperating the front end GUI  code from
the back end DSP and control code, making it easire  to
customize the front end for various needs.  I don't
think that's  in the cards for the Orion.  

There is an open source hardware  group that is in the
process of developing DSP hardware that has MDS  down
around -160db and dynamic range of around 120db.  It
will plug  into the back of the SDR-1000 widening
performance gap between the Orion  and the SDR-1000. 
Try doing that with your Orion.  Certainly there  are
features of the Orion that are superior such as
diversity RX and its  antenna switching flexibility and
its QSK, but as the SDR improves the list  diminishes

How good is it?  I have  160M, 80M and 40M verticals
100ft or less apart.  I can work S-2  (-120dBm my noise
floor on 40 is -125dBm) strength dx on 40 or -116  dBm
stuff on 160 while transmitting 1500W SSB or CW on 75
or 80.   When transmitting 1500W on 80, I measure
2000mw (2 watts) of power on the  receive antenna aka
+33dBm.  There isn't even the slightest hint  of
desense or added noise in the SDR's receiver.  I could
probably  muster another 3dB but that would be illegal.
The Orion does just about as  well if I run the test
in reverse, but there is some noise noticeable in  the
Orion on 160 when I am transmitting with the SDR at
1500W on  80.  I have both radios as tricked out as you
can make them.  I  have large horsepower on the
computer for the SDR and the best DSP cards  available
at the present time, so both radios are as maxed out
in terms  of performance as you can make them for
prosumer quality hardware.   

So scoff if you want, but I have both radios  sitting
on my desk and it is totally up to my whim which radio
I decide  to use for what purpose, and I assure you it
is not my nature to choose the  inferior radio to do
the harder job. 

73  W9OY   

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