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[TenTec] SDR1000 and sound cards

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Subject: [TenTec] SDR1000 and sound cards
From: Keith Bainbridge <vk6xh@arach.net.au>
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Date: Fri, 14 Jul 2006 12:29:27 +0800
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Just to point out the SDR isnt tied indefinately to one of two prefered 
sound cards at all.
The Delta 44 and the Firebox are the preferred units at present, but 
there is a huge new project well on the way called HPSDR, High 
performance SDR.
The amateurs involved in the project are developing a replacement for 
the sound card in the pc and its a dedicated amateur radio unit, not a 
spin off from Hi fi audio.
I suggest you have a look at the HPSDR wiki page and see just how far 
things have progressed and how much can be achieved.
I believe the future of radio is SDR  but there will always be a place 
for analogue radios and TenTec make the best ones !!
Now my question, What is the best combination of filters to install in 
my Omni VI opt 3 for SSB use only. All suggestions and offers of filters 
will be considered !!
Vy 73

Keith Bainbridge

Vice-President    Northern Corridor Radio Group    (  VK6ANC )
Amsat NA 35338
TenTec Omni VI, FlexRadio SDR 1000 , 5 Band Spiderbeam.
Wireless Institute of Australia
Previous calls include VK6DXC, VK6BRK,G6HHV, G0HEI & G1GHZ

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