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Date: Thu, 13 Jul 2006 23:58:35 EDT
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In a message dated 7/13/2006 8:06:13 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time,  
lyle3dd@grics.net writes:

I may of  missed something but sounds like someone is trying to use a ckt bkr 
to correct  his unattention and or inexperience in loading an antenna system. 


I think that is what I said. I have  a total of 7 hf rigs in the  shack, and 
4 hf antennas and sometimes the switches can be set wrong.  I  usually catch 
it with the lack of background noise, but it happens  occasionally,
the scout , and  the Orion are  on my 50 amp astron, so I use  the  airpax on 
the orion to be safe. the corsair II and the omni-c have  their own power 
supplies from ten tec. the ts2000 is on the astron and the  746 pro is on an 
switcher. I choose to save the Orion as my favorite rig by  using the airpax 
breaker, and it works.
. I am so ashamed that I am one who is actually human and occasionally make  
sever mistakes like  switching the antenna to the wrong rig.,my apologies  to 
the group...:)
tom N6AJR
the reason I even listed it was to say the airpax tripped even though the  25 
amp fuse did not.  I say its a good thing. !!
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