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From: Tommy <aldermant@alltel.net>
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Date: Fri, 14 Jul 2006 02:51:52 -0400
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Yea...well TT used to sell an AirPac circuit breaker that was very 
fast. You were supposed to have it in your DC power line if you were 
not using a TT power supply. They had some kind of peak current shut 
down circuit in their power supply in case you accidentally keyed 
into no load or in case for some reason your output xistors started 
oscillating, ect.

It's 3am and some guy just called me on the phone wanting to know 
something about a ham rig I had in the newspaper for sale!!! To top 
that off, yesterday my air condx went out again and at this time of 
the morning, it 82 degrees outside! The AC's compressor has a very 
expensive buzz coming from it. Hope I can get that durned thing fixed 
today because its supposed to be a hot weekend! Am going back to 
bed...but will see you on 40 in a couple of hours....


At Thursday 11:06 PM 7/13/2006, you wrote:
>I may of missed something but sounds like someone is trying to use a 
>ckt bkr to correct his unattention and or inexperience in loading an 
>antenna system.
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