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Date: Fri, 14 Jul 2006 16:45:46 EDT
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that is the one I use and that is who I bought it from.  they have a  minimum 
order of $25 and $6 shipping and a single is $9.99 or something so  buying 3 
makes sense, and off the other two here.
It works for me
tom N6AJR
In a message dated 7/14/2006 12:24:48 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time,  
k4cgy_list@yahoo.com writes:

Hi  Bill,
What you need is the    T11-1-20.0A-01-11C-V
This is the 20A fast trip. It won't trip until the  current gets
to about 27A. Don't use anything more and anything less  will
likely trip much too soon. If you could get an instant trip I
think  that would be the best, that would be a T11-0-20.0A
-xx-xx-xx however these  are only made on special order and PoCo
sales will not purchase them. BTW  you can get the airpax breakers
from PoCo Sales, 8925 Fullbright Ave,  Chatsworth, CA 91311 
73 Jim  K4CGY

>          Being a paranoid  type, I think I'll install
> one just to be safe.  Does anyone know  the correct
> Air-Pax model to use with Orion?
>    73,   Bill  W4ZV

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