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From: Tommy <aldermant@alltel.net>
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Date: Sat, 15 Jul 2006 01:05:50 -0400
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And some folks think they know everything too...especially when 
sitting behind a keyboard!

I happen to know W9FCX quite well. He is one of those OT's who has 
forgotten more about ham radio than most 'ham's' think they know now. 
W9FCX is 83 years of age (and definately NOT old!), has been active 
in the hobby for over 65 years, copies code up to 80 wpm by ear, is 
probably one of the few hams who literally designed and built (by 
himself) a 3-wire 20m rhombic, mounted on stacked telephone poles. He 
does not just build his own amplifiers, he builds the chassis, on up, 
still winds his own power transformers and his own filament 
transformers, designs his own input and output circuits, etc. So IF 
you knew W9FCX personally you would say he pretty much knows what he 
is talking about when it comes to this hobby. His statement has a 
huge ring of truth to it!

Tom - W4BQF

At Friday 11:43 PM 7/14/2006, you wrote:
>Tom, don't let it bother you.  Some folks think they are perfect but people
>who know them well know different most likely.  Ed K7UC
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