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Date: Sun, 16 Jul 2006 21:28:03 -0500
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I think the no-tune amps make a lot of sense for SO2R and other
multi-radio and multi-band contesters.  Outside of that
application a no-tune amp is just "nice" but not really
essential.  Lots of people will pay for "nice", "easy", "latest",

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I'm not sure how many hams want a no-tune amp--tuning a tube
plate to low Z 
doesn't really bother me that much, in fact I prefer to do it
myself, not 
trusting some logic circuit to tune and load for me.  however I
know one of 
the great things about the PW-1 is that it follows the icom
exciters making 
them 1 kw transceivers which I must admit is pretty nice.   Also,
easier to remote the amp when it's no-tune.   But I think a lot
of hams make 
buying decisions based primarily on the purchase cost.   Since
they aren't 
transmitting around the clock every day of the year, operating
costs aren't 
that much of a consideration.    If I transmitted all the time, a
efficient s.s. tx would be attractive to me.  So, in other words,
understand the broadcast industry moving to s.s. but their
reasons mostly do 
not apply to hams, at least for now.   If a s.s. 1.5 kw ham amp
or even a 1 
kw ham amp can hit the $3K mark, then things will change.

re the SGC, I did not know about the IMD problem.  Ron, do you
know how the 
PW-1 does in that department?  it has a reputation for being a
pretty robust 
s.s. amp--i heard the 1 kw pep spec is conservative.


rob / k5uj

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