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[TenTec] 6N2 Observations

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Subject: [TenTec] 6N2 Observations
From: Jliving39@aol.com
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Date: Sun, 16 Jul 2006 23:19:16 EDT
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     I bought a used 6N2 from TT about one year ago and  use it when hearing 
a band opening or during a contest like the one yesterday  and today.  Use the 
rig mainly on  Six Meter cw, but have had  good results on Six phone and get 
reports of fine audio.  Use it with a 3  element beam.  My 6N2 seems to get 
overloaded easily and a strong signal  will appear several places as if there 
were harmonics.  It does not take an  exceptionally strong signal to cause 
 Unfortunately the 6N2 nor my  new Argo have an RF control.  Realize one can 
put the attenuator on, but  really do not like that fix.  Anyone else have 
similar experience with  their 6N2? -jim, K4CFA
PS:  Not unhappy with the 6N2 as it seems to hear well on Six and I  can work 
almost all I hear.  Not happy with how easily it seems to get  overloaded.
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