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Date: Sun, 16 Jul 2006 21:02:45 EDT
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In a message dated 7/16/2006 4:27:23 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time,  
k5uj@hotmail.com writes:

I'm not  sure how many hams want a no-tune amp--tuning a tube plate to low Z  
doesn't really bother me that much, in fact I prefer to do it myself, not  
trusting some logic circuit to tune and load for me.  however I know  one of 
the great things about the PW-1 is that it follows the icom  exciters making 
them 1 kw transceivers which I must admit is pretty  nice.   Also, it's 
easier to remote the amp when it's  no-tune.   But I think a lot of hams make 
buying decisions based  primarily on the purchase cost.   Since they aren't 
transmitting  around the clock every day of the year, operating costs aren't 
that much  of a consideration.    If I transmitted all the time, a 90%  
efficient s.s. tx would be attractive to me.  So, in other words, I  
understand the broadcast industry moving to s.s. but their reasons mostly  do 
not apply to hams, at least for now.   If a s.s. 1.5 kw ham  amp or even a 1 
kw ham amp can hit the $3K mark, then things will  change.

I have several solid state amps, a als 600, Ic2-kl and also several tube  
amps, a alpha 76 and an alpha 87 a. the one I use most is the alpha 87a. It is  
auto tune and tied together with the 3 ele steppir, and the Orion and my logger 
 and I can literally point and soot .  If I click on a telnet spot , the amp  
the radio and the antenna all tune there, and I make the contact.  Very  
nice, and convenient.
 I also had  a separate IC 2-KL for my 756 and an at500 so that  was 600 
watts  auto tune and sold them and kept the 746pro with my other  2-kl and at 
so 3 of my hf rigs in the shack have autotune or auto band  switching  amps 
I have had in the past  every thing from sweep tube amps, and several  
Clipperton L's and a couple of 811 H's  and als 500's and more.  I  talked with 
Elcraft about their new amp about this time last year but I guess  they are 
waiting for the FCC ok on it before going into production. . 
I know there is a " mystique" to the art of tuning an amp with the "dip the  
plate, peak the load "  but it gets old real fast  shooting dx or in a  
contest. I love the quiet switching on the orion and the alpha so working vox  
is no click-clack, you just talk and it is either on or off. nice, like  
talking to someone sitting next to you. 
I would have bought the elcraft but I wanted one this past spring so I  
bought the Alpha 87 A and I really love it now.  I would certainly  use  a 
limit solid state amp  but they have to ship it  first...
any one to buy the alpha 76 A, manual tune, about 1200-1300 watts , local  
pick up please, $900 .. I don't use it much any more.  
tom N6AJR
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