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Re: [TenTec] Is Orion really worth it? Given the published problems?

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Subject: Re: [TenTec] Is Orion really worth it? Given the published problems?
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Date: Mon, 17 Jul 2006 17:04:15 EDT
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In a message dated 7/17/2006 8:51:48 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time,  
wiladdamsham@yahoo.com writes:

Reading  this reflector, those are the questions that comes to my mind.
I am  studying to become a ham, working with a friend of mine who is a Ham, 
which  has an Orion and an Orion 2, and it seems that the problems posted on 
here  about the Orion, my friend never seems to run across.
His Orion 2 has never  locked up, NR works beautifully, NB works great, AN 
notches out all adjacent  carriers, and has a wonderful time on contesting, 
CW, and vox  modes.
Yet, if one were to believe what is posted on this reflector.
The  Orions haven't worked right since the version 1 software of the original 
His Orions are upgraded with the latest software, and all work  flawlessly.
Yes, some values in some settings had to change, but that is to  be expected 
given that AGC operates differently depending upon if it is in the  IF chain 
or not.
Same can be said for the other "software" type features  that relate to DSP 
filtering and sound processing.
But, if I read this  reflector on a daily business, the Orion is so broke 
that TenTec will go out  of business in a matter of monthes.
I'm sure glad that I had a chance to  watch and listen to my friend playing 
with his Orion(s), otherwise, I wouldn't  be interested in the last American 
made rig and would be looking at the  Japs.
To that end, can some one please identify what the specific problems  with 
your Orion are? Exactly what HW configuration and software configuration  you 
are using. I'm meaning to the point of identifying the microphones, the  
amplifiers, tuners, etc. 
It seems to me, that upon reading this reflector,  all but 2 or 3 of the 
major problems, have almost always turned out to be  someone has his micro 
adjusted improperly, or it turned out to be a  short on his own wiring, or 
something else of a cockpit error, rather than any  kind of real issue with the 

I'll be glad when the ARRL publishes  its findings on the Orion 2. 
Undoubtedly they will be smart enough to test the  rig, and not just publish 
what others 
are saying on this reflector. And if  they do read this reflector, they 
should test those features that people say  are problems, BEFORE they simply 
others words for it. After all, lots of  problems seen on here, turned out to 
be cockpit error.

OK, flame suit  on.

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I be the guy with the bad mic wire,  But I still love my Orion, of my  10 hf 
rigs I currently own it is the absolute best. and I am currently runnin  
2.056, although I did like 1.372 also.
tom N6AJR
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