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From: "Carter, K8VT" <k8vt@ameritech.net>
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Date: Tue, 18 Jul 2006 08:32:13 -0400
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Ron Castro wrote:
>  The Japanese have never come close to Americans when it comes to
>  amplifiers.  Great names like Collins, Drake, Heath, Ten Tec,
>  ETO/Alpha, BTI, Amp Supply, Henry, Dentron, Swan and others I have
>  forgotten, always had the 'big iron' the JA's could never duplicate!

"Could never duplicate"? Interesting statement Ron, but could you 
clarify it a bit?

The Japanese transceivers were generally complex, at least more complex 
than an amplifier. Were they not trying to duplicate amps because of 
power limitations in the home market? Other reasons?

If they can make something as complex as an FT-Whatever with 97 front 
panel controls, it would seem that an amplifier would not present that 
big of a technical challenge. After all, a couple of 3-500s or four 811s 
were not rocket science. Heck, if they wanted to, you would think that 
the Japanese could have at least made a "Chinese" copy of the Collins, 
Drake, etc, etc    :-)

Inquiring minds want to know...


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