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Re: [TenTec] What version?

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Subject: Re: [TenTec] What version?
From: "Chuck Chandler" <charles_chandler@comcast.net>
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Date: Tue, 18 Jul 2006 21:07:44 -0500
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OK, I was curious... so I went and installed v1.373b5 this evening.  Lasted 
about 1 hour.  Went back to 2.056.

I had used 1.372 for a while, never tried 1.373b5 so I ws curious - some 
folks on the reflector like it a lot.

1.373b5 had GREAT NR, my TX audio sounded good in the monitor, FWIW.  But, 
the sweep wouldn't keep up with all but the slowest tuning, the NR sometimes 
turned itself on and off without regard to the status displayed on the 
screen, and without NR engaged the bands sounded way harsh, raspy and hard 
to listen to.

OK, back to v2.056.  All better, except the NR now is not too useful. 
Everything else works FB, though.  The bands have magically cleared up - 
they sound the way I remember them sounding yesterday.

OBTW, I did my standard empirical test for noise... run the 500W amp into 
the dummy load, key the mike, remain silent and watch the power meter at its 
lowest setting while adjusting the SP.  On v1.373b5 I could run anything up 
to 7 with no backgound noise - less than 1/2 watt indicated output.  Running 
the SP at 8 gave me about 2 watts, at 9 gave me 5 watts, plus the scope 
showed a jagged audio signal.  Thats about what I remember from 1.372 - 
IIRC, I ran the SP at 5 or 6 usually.

So, try it again with v2.056 loaded, and I can run the SP all the way up to 
9, no problem, less than 1 watt output power.  SP of 8 or less is very 
quiet, power meter hardly twitches.

So, not a scientific test, just my quick way of checking for hum RF hash, 
etc. in my audio.  It does NOT mean that 2.056 has the same "talk power" 
that v1.3x did - but at least its clean audio.

Bottom line, v2.056 is better than I thought, and a bigger improvement over 
v1.372 than I remembered.

73 de Chuck, WS1L
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> I was using 1.372 for quite a while but am now using 2.056 with no 
> problems.
> I did have to reset several parameters, ( tx eq, mic gain, sp on sb  and
> several others, but I do like it now. it works.. I'm happy check out the 
> shack
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> tom N6AJR
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> In a message dated 7/18/2006 7:40:55 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time,
> jhreed@chilitech.net writes:
> Thank  you Brent, appreciate the comments... Jim Reed, ver 1.373b5
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> From: R. Brent Zook
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> Subject: Re: [TenTec] What version?
> I use  version 1.372.  I don't care for the problems mentioned ad nauseum
> on this site which are associated with Version 2, though version 2  seems
> more stable.  And in version 1.373, I notice that the  automatic
> selection of roofing filter is not tied as closely to the  selection of
> the DSP bandwidth as it is in  1.372.
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