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Re: [TenTec] My rare Ten Tec microphone

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Subject: Re: [TenTec] My rare Ten Tec microphone
From: Curt Gamble <W0ALC@Mindspring.Com>
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Date: Thu, 20 Jul 2006 11:51:04 -0600
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Scott Robbins  W4PA,

I have heard your name mentioned (in a very positive way) by my neighbor 
Steve, KØSX here
in Cedaredge CO.  He has a Tentec station in it;'s entirety and I 
eventually will move in that direction
myself with an Orion 2 etc.  I am impressed with your product line,and 
your attention to feedback on
received via emails etc.

I just wanted to say being an outsider keep up the good work,  full 
speed ahead and damn the
torpedoes as the saying goes.  Maybe one of these days I will try to 
make one of your factory
                            73,  Curt  WØALC  Cedaredge, CO (45 miles 
ESE of Grand Junction)

Ten-Tec Inc. Amateur Radio Sales wrote:

>Good morning,
>We've made an error in the way the microphone was designated on our 
>website and literature - the 708 and 709 series microphones are 
>omni-directionals.  Everywhere I've looked, it says "uni-directional" 
>except on the base of the production microphone itself, which reads 
>(correctly) "omni-directional".
>The picture that reads uni-directional on the base of the microphone on 
>our website is even wrong - that picture was taken (by me...) of an 
>earlier prototype version of the 708 with a different element installed. 
>  We did not use a uni-directional in the 708.
>I'm going to fix the website later this morning.  I'm not sure where the 
>blame lies, but since I proofread both the website copy and the 
>information sheet enclosed in the product box and took the picture on 
>the website I suppose I get my share :-)
>Scott Robbins W4PA

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