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Date: Thu, 20 Jul 2006 22:34:44 EDT
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As you can read in the archives, the speakers in the 961 and 962 leave much  
to be desired regarding volume and frequency response. I set out trying a  
variety and in general I favor the old communication speakers Hammarlund S-100  
and S-200  so far. The non-amplified computer speakers offered a bit better  
fidelity but still lacked volume. The Heathkit SB-600 was very loud but lacked  
the base. The S-100 and S-200 so far has offered both volume and good 
I will continue to try several more for comparison. I suspect that when all  
is said and done a speaker like those used in the old guitar amps of about 8in 
 size may prove to be a good compromise with their 80-8K frequency response. 
If  this is the case, to keep the profile the same height as the rest of the 
Paragon  Station, I would mount the speaker horizontally in the enclosure with 
both top  and bottom front ports.
But for now I am very pleased seeing what a difference a proper speaker can  
and does make with this radio.  

Alan  KB7MBI
Woodinville, WA

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