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Date: Fri, 21 Jul 2006 15:20:00 -0600
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i ran two KAM Plus' for a few years. i think the best software bar none is 
the DOS Hostmaster II + for that application. however i discovered MixW 
since then and find that i can do anything digital with a simple 

for input and output from the sound card in your computer the circuit is one 
isolation transformer in series with a 50Kohm pot. both can be purchased 
from Radio Shack for nominal dollars. set the pot to the gain you wish or 
use the gain control in your computer or both.

MixW will key CW with a simple circuit found in the MixW help files and one 
can specify any of many COM ports for that purpose. MixW will read CW very 
well if one needs that capability.

if one is using the Orion he can skip the input and output circuit totally. 
i have 2 Orions hooked to my computer thru the Ten Tec supplied cables. 
LOGic8 allows me to choose the active radio. MixW allows me to choose the 
specific COM port keyed for CW. the switch from one radio to the other takes 
but a moment. clearly this is not a contest setup as it takes more than a 
second to change keyed COM port.

jack ak7o

PS there were times i could not get my KAM Plus to sinc with HMII+ without 
rebooting the KAM. now and again i had to go thru the SETUP menu and reset 
everything to get it to work. that is the reason i switched to MixW. i have 
yet to have MixW balk! 

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