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[TenTec] Corsair 2 - Fix or sell it as is?

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Subject: [TenTec] Corsair 2 - Fix or sell it as is?
From: n8kom@wowway.com
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Date: Tue, 25 Jul 2006 09:06:09 -0600
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To the folks on the list,

I am seeking some advice from those who have most likely been faced with the 
situation I am in presently, at one point or another.  I've been a subscriber 
to this list (mostly a reader of) on and off for the past 10 years, and have 
several pieces of current production and older Ten-Tec gear.

I'll try to keep it short -

I purchased a Corsair 2 and power supply (NOT using the dreaded and often 
maligned "auction site"), and despite several exchanges of questions and 
answers with the seller before the purchase, the radio and power supply 
arrived in cosmetic and electrical condition below my expectations, below the 
seller's description, and probably a full 25 to 30% more in cost than what 
the equipment is really worth.  No names or callsign will be mentioned, don't 
even ask.  The deal is done and I have what I have. 

The cosmetic things are minor, but there.  Some scratches, paint chipping on 
the covers, faces are pretty nice on both radio and PS, and the trim on the 
top of the PS is slightly bent on one corner, but nothing extremely ugly on 
any of it, just looks like it's been used, but probably not abused. (Hey, I 
know, it's almost 20 years old)  Radio powers up, RX and TX on all bands, 
looks like it puts out close to full power on CW.  PTO I suspect needs a 
rebuild since it slips pretty bad in one direction and works fine spinning in 
the other direction.  I see the insulation on the 2 wires going to the speech 
processor pot look like they have been overheated - not sure what that is 
about, and the RX signals appear to be about 20 dB down on the SO-239 ant 
input, and much stronger but maybe still a few dB down on the aux antenna 
input (RCA jack) but the signals are there.  Checked, exercised and shorted 
the RX / TRX switch for the antenna - no change in observed signal levels. 
These things found in the first 30 minutes.

So what to do now?
Do I sell this setup, fully disclosing what I know about it (of course), and 
eat the $$ loss and get the bad taste of this transaction out of my mouth? - 
Do I try to fix things that appear to be wrong or not working and then decide 
to keep or sell? (I wasn't really looking for a project radio)... Or, do I 
send the radio to Ten-Tec for repair and potentially sink more $$ into it to 
basically bring it up to being 100% electrical with just average cosmetics 
and keep it?  

My intentions are honest any way about it, else I would not post these 
details out in the open.  

Again, I am sure that this situation is not unique to me, so I hoped to hear 
back any suggestions, past experience or wisdom from the forum.  Please feel 
free to e-mail direct.

Thanks and 73 - Steve N8KOM - 
email: N8KOM (at) wowway.com

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