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Re: [TenTec] Corsair 2 - Fix or sell it as is?

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Subject: Re: [TenTec] Corsair 2 - Fix or sell it as is?
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Date: Tue, 25 Jul 2006 12:21:50 EDT
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If you are going to keep the rig send it to Ten Tec.
They will check it out for you and fix it back to factory specs.
This should be done anyway unless you have a lot of test equipment and have  
the ability to use it.
Taking it to "someone" that does good work is not the way to go.
You will end up paying for shipping anyway when you are not happy with what  
you got in the way of service plus the money you paid "someone".
As to the way it looks.
I know that Ten Tec has a lot of parts for the rig.
I know they no longer have the smoked plastic or the face plate but they do  
have all the knobs and they do repaint the case I think.
They do have DOA radios and they take good used parts from them.
If they fix it they are more likely to help you get the hard to get stuff  
that they won't sell over the counter.
Give them a call.
They are great folks.
If they do not have parts you can find them in parted out radios at HAM  
I found a bandswitch index from a fellow in France.
Ten Tec no longer had it and after 2 years I found the switch and found a  
new HAM to share ideas with.
Cost of the part a set of Allen Key that he could not find in France.
They only had metric.
I restore old Heathkits and I can tell you that you will eventually find  
anything you need to replace.
Just look at some old Collins or Heath restorations.
Now, here is the thing.
That radio is the kind of rig that will, in my opinion, one day will be as  
sought after as much as some of the old Drakes, Collins, and Heathkits.
They are holding value at around $400.00 dollars w/o filters add $70.00  
dollars for each filter.
You say you got the power supply add another $100.00.
It is one of the best radios made.
I would keep it if I got a good deal on it.
Sending it to the Ten Tec guys for alignment, I would have done anyway so,  
you can't see that as a bad thing that cost you extra.
But, I will tell you this.
Next time go look at anything that old and check it out.
For years antique dealers have tried to come up with a grading system and  
have not been able to do so.
One man might  that rig as junk another as well preserved for its  age.
Anything over 15 years old is a project waiting to happen.
But, just think of all the fun you are going to have and the stories you  
will be able to tell when people see your shack.
Good luck,
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