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Re: [TenTec] Corsair 2 - Fix or sell it as is?

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Subject: Re: [TenTec] Corsair 2 - Fix or sell it as is?
From: James Boswell <ka5siw@yahoo.com>
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Date: Tue, 25 Jul 2006 14:08:23 -0700 (PDT)
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     What kind of price would you be wanting for this
radio? I buy and repair several radios a year. As a
rule I don't try to resell for a profit. just enjoy
working on the bench.

thanks, Jim

--- n8kom@wowway.com wrote:

> To the folks on the list,
> I am seeking some advice from those who have most
> likely been faced with the 
> situation I am in presently, at one point or
> another.  I've been a subscriber 
> to this list (mostly a reader of) on and off for the
> past 10 years, and have 
> several pieces of current production and older
> Ten-Tec gear.
> I'll try to keep it short -
> I purchased a Corsair 2 and power supply (NOT using
> the dreaded and often 
> maligned "auction site"), and despite several
> exchanges of questions and 
> answers with the seller before the purchase, the
> radio and power supply 
> arrived in cosmetic and electrical condition below
> my expectations, below the 
> seller's description, and probably a full 25 to 30%
> more in cost than what 
> the equipment is really worth.  No names or callsign
> will be mentioned, don't 
> even ask.  The deal is done and I have what I have. 
> The cosmetic things are minor, but there.  Some
> scratches, paint chipping on 
> the covers, faces are pretty nice on both radio and
> PS, and the trim on the 
> top of the PS is slightly bent on one corner, but
> nothing extremely ugly on 
> any of it, just looks like it's been used, but
> probably not abused. (Hey, I 
> know, it's almost 20 years old)  Radio powers up, RX
> and TX on all bands, 
> looks like it puts out close to full power on CW. 
> PTO I suspect needs a 
> rebuild since it slips pretty bad in one direction
> and works fine spinning in 
> the other direction.  I see the insulation on the 2
> wires going to the speech 
> processor pot look like they have been overheated -
> not sure what that is 
> about, and the RX signals appear to be about 20 dB
> down on the SO-239 ant 
> input, and much stronger but maybe still a few dB
> down on the aux antenna 
> input (RCA jack) but the signals are there. 
> Checked, exercised and shorted 
> the RX / TRX switch for the antenna - no change in
> observed signal levels. 
> These things found in the first 30 minutes.
> So what to do now?
> Do I sell this setup, fully disclosing what I know
> about it (of course), and 
> eat the $$ loss and get the bad taste of this
> transaction out of my mouth? - 
> Do I try to fix things that appear to be wrong or
> not working and then decide 
> to keep or sell? (I wasn't really looking for a
> project radio)... Or, do I 
> send the radio to Ten-Tec for repair and potentially
> sink more $$ into it to 
> basically bring it up to being 100% electrical with
> just average cosmetics 
> and keep it?  
> My intentions are honest any way about it, else I
> would not post these 
> details out in the open.  
> Again, I am sure that this situation is not unique
> to me, so I hoped to hear 
> back any suggestions, past experience or wisdom from
> the forum.  Please feel 
> free to e-mail direct.
> Thanks and 73 - Steve N8KOM - 
> email: N8KOM (at) wowway.com
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