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Date: Mon, 31 Jul 2006 15:19:44 -0700
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I think the article also made mention of non-linearity in the S-meter...

Ron Castro
Chief Technical Officer
Results Radio, LLC

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>I thought the QST review was fairly negative.  A lot of "damning by  slight
> praise."  The overall tone of the review was negative with lots  of side
> remarks about shortcomings:
> "it does so at the expense of certain features ... amateurs may well  have
> come to expect.
> "hasn't addressed all the original Orion's shortcomings"
> "falls short of the color screen implementations now commonplace  on
> competitor's products"
> long discussion of a software crash that was fixed with 2.0b6
> NR distortion - not as good as the original Orion (gee, where have we 
> heard
> that before?)
> complaints about the multi-knob to make adjustments
> "Unfortunately TT made no effort to improve the band sweep and  metering"
> "Sweep has little or no practical value"
> "No hint of an ALC function or measurement"
> "Auto-notch ineffective under 230 hz"
> But if you can make it to the end of the article without writing off the
> Orion II, they do conclude "the Orion II's performance will be a dream 
> come true
> for many discriminating radio amateurs."
> I thought the RSGB article was a lot more positive.
> k4ia
> Craig  "Buck"
> Fredericksburg, Virginia USA
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