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Subject: Re: [TenTec] "Being a Contrarian . . ."
From: "Lynn Lamb, W4NL" <w4nl@charter.net>
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Date: Mon, 31 Jul 2006 19:43:20 -0400
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The Orion is a good radio, period.  It's a dream of a U.S. company... 
designed by and built by a U.S. company and serviced by a U.S. company. 
It's a good radio period.. I said that already.

The band scope I once thought was a gimmick ... isn't.  It's good and with 
my first production Orion, up-dated to the latest radio with V-2.055 NEVER 
fails to work and well.  It's on full time and I'm active.

Other radios are also good and in the final analysis it's 'what feels good 
on the desk'.  The ARRLis not going to please everyone.. me included all the 
time.  The first purpose for the ARRL in my judgment is to help protect our 
frequencies and all the other is fluff.  I'm talking about the DXCC, 
membership services, SK, articles to keep our minds from turning to mush, 
VEC leadership, on and on.  BUT they need to pay the bills and that means to 
sell ads for the publications.  This means JA resources.

I believe it's a very hard balancing act for them to appease everyone who 
pays the bills and frankly I dislike their leaning at times.  As smarter 
folks have said before me.. follow the money and this is not Ten-Tec in 
advertising when the playing field clearly tilts to the west.

Remember too that the reviews are prepared by technical folks and many of 
them simply can't express themselves while being experts in the technical 
aspects of equipment and the review of equipment.  This may be some of 'our' 

Did they lie?  Did they tell the full story?  Did they slant it one way or 
the other?   They were just humans working to pay to fill the gas tank, heat 
the house, and well... just being human.  Did leadership at the ARRL vote.. 
you bet they did.

I disliked some of the review while other parts were okay.  We on this 
reflector know the answers already don't we?  We really just want anyone to 
confirm what we know.  I do, and when they don't.. woe be them.  Let's just 
pick up the pieces and march on knowing we DO HAVE the best radio, by a U. 
S. company, with some issues to be addressed.  Hell, with these issues, it's 
still the best radio.  When did Yaesu, Icom and not sure about Kenwood start 
talking about roofing filters?  You got it.. when OUR Orion hit the street.

Just be happy, enjoy and rise above.    73, Lynn W4NL

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>I thought the QST article was really unfair.  Most QST reviews are so
> gooey-gushy positive you have to read between the lines to get a hint of 
> the  truth.
> This article was out of character in that it emphasized the  negative and
> sniped about a lot of picky issues. You had to read between  the lines to 
> get to
> the truth but the overall feeling was very negative.
> Why did they need to devote two paragraphs to a software issue that had
> already been fixed?
> Why the comment about "No hint of ALC function or measurement?"  As 
> someone
> else posted, "Did TT forget to install the LED?"  Obviously  not.
> I don't agree that the sweep has no practical value.  I find it  very 
> useful.
> The metering is as good as any I have seen.  Who relies  on the S meter
> anyway?  It is all relative.
> Complaints about the multi-knob are matched by complaints about the 98
> buttons on the YaeComWoods.  In other words, "You can't win."
> I like my Orion.  I would recommend it to anyone.  I don't like  the NR 
> after
> 1.371 but that's my tough luck.  Maybe it will get  fixed.  In the 
> meantime,
> I'm enjoying the radio.  I read all QST  reviews with a large bucket of 
> salt.
> Suggest others do the  same.
> k4ia
> Craig  "Buck"
> Fredericksburg, Virginia USA
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