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Subject: Re: [TenTec] Unhappy Orion 2 Owner
From: "Richard Williams" <richardw@mho.com>
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Date: Mon, 31 Jul 2006 18:38:49 -0600
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I think you just got a "Fri afternoon special".  I have had my Orion II 
since about the third week they were available.   Can say that I have not 
had any problems with it at all.   It has been on 24 hrs a day now since the 
first YU6 came on the air, and it has performed flawlessly.

By the way, I had a FT1000D and had to send it back to Yaesu three times for 
repairs.  The second time was for a problem with the SWR foldback circuit 
that is suppose to protect the finals from burning out if the SWR is too 
high.   I even told them exactly what was wrong with it and they kept it 
about a month;  their "ace" tech put new finals in it, but did not fix the 
foldback circuit.  I had even called their service dept while it was there 
to no avail.

When I got it back, I checked to see if the foldback was working and it was 
not, so I ran her up to full power and blew the finals again.  Sent it back 
(in warrenty this time) and told them to replace the finals and fix the 
problem that was blowing the finals (they did).

Dick K8ZTT
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From: "John Muzyka" <g4rcg@yahoo.co.uk>
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Sent: Monday, July 31, 2006 12:33 AM
Subject: [TenTec] Unhappy Orion 2 Owner

Hi all
  I have had my Orion 2 now for about 6 weeks and I really do like the rig 
and its preformance but the reliability (which I was warned about) is not 
what I would expect from a top flight radio costing £3500 (thats over $6000)
  In the 1st week the main vfo tuning knob dropped off, no big deal just the 
small grub screw that had not been tightened up properly, a 2 min' job to 
put right,
  But now the TX has totally died, I was working on CW and in the middle of 
a qso it just stopped TX'ing the meter went to zero and the ALC light went 
out, the side tone still worked but nothing going out of the rig, I turned 
it off and went to my FT1000D at the side of it (14 years old and stiil 
going strong) and finished the qso (All my antennas are tuned with nothing 
more than 1.5-1 swr plus I tried it into a dummy load as well. I turned on 
the O2 and it was working again,so I went to work came home and tried it 
again the rig would not work again in TX. I did a major re-set and still 
nothing. Its going back to the UK dealer today, as you can imagine I am not 
a happy person.
  Is this a regular occurance or have I just got a Friday afternoon 
  Before anyone asks, yes the TXing is turned on in the menu.
  John G4RCG

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