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Date: Mon, 31 Jul 2006 20:55:30 -0400
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Obviously the reviewer was not a typical Ten Tec user,  but works with
Japanese radios most of the time.  In these radios ALL functions work,  like
the AN, NR, Spectrum Scope, etc.  So, to someone coming from this
backrground finding distortion in the NR, or finding the AN  does not work
properly really stand out.  It is important to report these findings.

Also,  In foreign rigs you only have to press buttons once to engage the NR,
NB or
AN,  and I can see how this can be seen to be a disadvantage to someone who
operates a Pro 3 for example,  which the reviewer referred to when comparing
the NR.  The multi knob never bothered me however, and I don't consider this
to be a disadvantage. This is a subjective comment and shouldn't carry much
weight in assessing a rig.

I agree with the reviewer that the sweep is next to useless.  Compared to
the competition it is very rudimentary and ineffective.  The reviewer is
accurate in stating the advertising by Ten Tec from way back says there is a
real time scope in the Orion.  This real time functionality has never been
fully realized,  especially when comparing the Orion scope to the

The reviewer gave praise where praise was deserved especially when it comes
to operational specs of the Orion receiver.  There is no equal at this time
from this point of view,  and I felt the reviewer brought this out

This reviewer did his homework and did not present a fluff piece, but called
it as he saw it.
So, now are we all upset he did not do a fluff piece on the Orion 2?
Ignoring the problems will not make them go away.  But calling attention to
weaknesses will help Ten Tec to more fully appreciate what needs to be
worked on,  and consequently and hopefully a better rig will emerge in the

Toby  W4CAK

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> I thought the QST article was really unfair.  Most QST reviews are so
> gooey-gushy positive you have to read between the lines to get a hint of
the  truth.
>  This article was out of character in that it emphasized the  negative and
> sniped about a lot of picky issues. You had to read between  the lines to
get to
> the truth but the overall feeling was very negative.
> Why did they need to devote two paragraphs to a software issue that had
> already been fixed?
> Why the comment about "No hint of ALC function or measurement?"  As
> else posted, "Did TT forget to install the LED?"  Obviously  not.
> I don't agree that the sweep has no practical value.  I find it  very
>  The metering is as good as any I have seen.  Who relies  on the S meter
> anyway?  It is all relative.
> Complaints about the multi-knob are matched by complaints about the 98
> buttons on the YaeComWoods.  In other words, "You can't win."
> I like my Orion.  I would recommend it to anyone.  I don't like  the NR
> 1.371 but that's my tough luck.  Maybe it will get  fixed.  In the
> I'm enjoying the radio.  I read all QST  reviews with a large bucket of
> Suggest others do the  same.
> k4ia
> Craig  "Buck"
> Fredericksburg, Virginia USA
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