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Re: [TenTec] Argonaut II/Delta II crystal filters

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Subject: Re: [TenTec] Argonaut II/Delta II crystal filters
From: Bob Towers <mm0rkt@beeb.net>
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Date: Wed, 01 Aug 2007 13:37:12 +0100
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waltk8cv4612amos@att.net wrote:
> I am not a SSB fancier so not very familiar with that adjustment but setting 
> the IF BANDWIDTH narrower you need to ALSO adjust the PBT for best audio!

Most of what I do is CW or digital, so as narrow as 200Hz would do RTTY, 
MFSK and PSK31 as well.
> In CW which I operate mostly I have found for the tone I listen to ( about 
> 700 Hz ) I set the PBT about 10 O'clock and the IF BW also around 10 O'clock 
> and only more counter clock wise if really needed.
> Hope this helps? I don't think you will get more or better selectivity out 
> of that Jones filter adjusting it internally, it is a COMPROMISE filter. One 
> filter doing EVERYTHING POORLY ! The plus side is you didn't have to spent a 
> $1000 lbs on filters like a FT-1000 MP rig. You can't have your cake and eat 
> it too :-)

Yep, agreed, but maybe I was naive to expect better from an 8-pole filter!
> Bottom line, the filter stinks ! How about the display back light? Is it 
> still working ? Have you done the AGC mod ? The AGC mod may not be needed if 
> you only operate SSB but sure helped for CW !

Backlight works although it's pretty pathetic. But then it always was....

I've done the AGC mod., too. Certainly made the AGC behave itself, but 
AGC is still on (albeit weakly) when I turn the AGC off. I like the AGC 
off and juggle the RF gain. I find it helps with reading weak signal 
PSK31 when there's a strong signal 100Hz away.
> Bottom line, TenTec dropped the Jones filter as it was a failure. Elecraft 
> uses it and has had success with it, to say the least!

Ah, see my second comment! It's certainly a much better filter in the 
K2, though I would like that PBT and fully variable bandwidth on my K2. 
Can't have everything, I suppose.
> Walt K8CV Royal Oak, MI.
> 73

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