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Re: [TenTec] Argonaut II/Delta II crystal filters

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Subject: Re: [TenTec] Argonaut II/Delta II crystal filters
From: Bob Towers <mm0rkt@beeb.net>
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Date: Thu, 02 Aug 2007 23:27:41 +0100
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Dr. Gerald N. Johnson wrote:
> On Wed, 2007-08-01 at 11:14 +0100, Bob Towers wrote:
>> I'm not exactly happy with the Jones filter on my Argonaut II.
>> a) the centre of the bandpass shifts up frequency (on USB) when I 
>> tighten the bandpass width
>> b) the narrowest width setting is about 700Hz: I could do with 500Hz or 
>> narrower.
>> The manual warns against adjusting the two sets of 4-pole filters unless 
>> you have a network (spectrum, surely?) analyzer, which I do. Anyway, the 
>> adjustment pots are all locked in position with some sort of fixative.
> Network analyzer is a spectrum analyzer with signal source to measure
> the pass band characteristics. It could probably be done with a noise
> source and the spectrum analyzer or manually using a signal generator
> and detector, though that might be slow to get the necessary detail.
>> Has anyone had a go at adjusting the filters?
>> If so, I would appreciate some advice - which might be, of course, don't 
>> try and fix it!
>> 73
>> Bob
> I'd be inclined to go with an external DSP audio filter if the inherent
> selectivity wasn't quite narrow enough. But I tend to prefer wider
> rather than narrower so I can tell what's going on around the QSO I'm
> copying.
> 73, Jerry, K0CQ
> _______________________________________________
> Thanks, Jerry, for the advice.

I've recently picked up a Timewave DSP-9+ for a silly (=cheap) price and 
I'll give it whirl. Been using it on the K2 and I'm quite impressed. I 
had a Datong FL3 some years ago and sold it, like a fool....



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