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Re: [TenTec] AL-811 amp integration with Omni V

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Subject: Re: [TenTec] AL-811 amp integration with Omni V
From: Rick Denney <rick@rickdenney.com>
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Date: Sun, 5 Aug 2007 20:32:27 -0400
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I wrote...

> Thanks to all. I believe the relay is operational--I hear it
> clicking, though it makes so little noise that I wonder that it
> bothered anyone. But I'll pull the covers again and remove the cover
> from the relay and check it. I suspect it's the RCA jack that's the
> problem--I'll switch this one with another one that I'm less likely
> to use. If not, I'll see if I can troubleshoot the circuit--the
> control board seems pretty simple.

What I was hearing was not the relay clicking, but the relay *trying*
to click. Upon closer inspection, I pulled out my tweezers and
extracted a small piece of folded paper someone had stuffed into the
relay contact to prevent it from making so much noise. It's now
happily noisy and also driving the amp. Thanks to all on that topic.

A new question: What is the modulation mode of the "Tune" button? I
though it was the same thing as key down, but I found out at the
expense of an as-yet undetermined smoke container in my amp that the
"tune" button drives over 100 watts of output when the RF power is set
such that the output is 75 watts key-down in CW mode. The 811 amp is
happy at 75 watts, but there was quite a bit of arcing in the transmit
relay (I think that's where it was) when I pressed the Tune
button--after I'd already tuned up the amp at low power. The amp now
has lighted filaments on the three 811A's, appropriate grid and plate
current readings, and *no* RF output. The smoke smell was a fried
component smell. Oh, well, something new to check. I've checked the
obvious stuff--band switches, transmit relay, components hanging
around the RF in and out, etc., but no obvious damage. The Ameritron
811 is not anywhere near as easy to work on as the Omni V!

I think I'll pull out my scope and do a bit of checking of the Omni
output just so I understand things better.

Rick, KR9D

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