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Date: Tue, 7 Aug 2007 14:25:36 EDT
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in a word... Steppir
I have a 3 ele steppir 6-20 m beam and I love it. it is a perfect antenna  on 
every frequency. no tuner needed. they make beams up to 40m and a couple of  
verts up to 80 meters. 
worth every penny       tom N6AJR
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tentec-request@contesting.com writes:

Alan,  absolutely a great post, and well said.  You are right on the money!  
Effective power is the key.  An improved or efficient antenna is the  lowest 
cost route to effective radiated power.

A point was made in  the QRP forum at the local ham convention Sat.   Even if 
you are  using one of the shortened antennas, you still have to keep the high 
voltage ends well away from conductors and screening foliage, or other  
detriments to the high near field levels.

And the high current  magnetic field concentration near the feed point should 
also be protected  from coupling to conductors.

A dipole can be shortened to 60 per cent  of full length and maintain 
efficiency in the greater than 90 per  cent
value.  You just have to have it in the clear of detractors from  its field. 
Low profile antennas like the Moxon rectangles can provide beam  performance 
in less than traditional Yagi dimensions.  Use of low  loss insulators, 
conductors,  and fasteners is key to small antenna  use.

An easily elevated small beam may be the answer for aging  hams.  The masts 
from Force 12 that were marketed for portable use  come to mind.  Motorizing 
such an elevating cable for that mast might  be fairly simple.

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