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From: "Jim Bull" <ke3nk@erols.com>
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Date: Tue, 7 Aug 2007 17:41:15 -0400
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I have two (2) Ten Tec Paragon's along with (2) 961 power supplies that
I would like to sell.  Both Paragon's have some problems and I would rather
just sell them at a low price than send them to Ten Tec for repair.  The
problem is that I don't want to ship them.  I would meet someone within a
driving distance from Washington D.C. or I could deliver them to the Shelby
or somewhere along the route to Shelby (Labor Day Weekend)

#1 is a very nice unit, exceptionally clean (8.5-9) with no button wear.
It has the optional FM board, voice board, Giehl Chip, 1.8 SSB filter
along with the 2.4 SSB and 6.0 AM filter and the original manual and the
Ten Tec Chip.  The radio has the 60M/Mars Mod.
NO display problems.  Receives fine.  The primary problem is band 
selection.  Most bands operate fine with 100+ watts output.  Most times
when selecting 75M, there is little or no power output.  Merely turning the 
radio off and back on gives you full output.  The same problem happens 
(at times) when selecting 20M.  The 961 P/S is very clean and operates 100

#2 Paragon is also a nice clean radio with no button wear and no display
It has the Giehl Chip, 1.8 & 2.4 SSB filters and the 6.0 AM filter.  This
radio also
has the 60M/Mars mod and a complete original manual.
The radio has full output on transmit and receives fine (a few birdies here
and there)
The primary problem with this unit is the memory battery recharging circuit.
It just
doesn't work and the battery won't last for more than two days.  The 961 P/S
is very clean, as well, and operates 100 %.

I will sell both of these radios and power supplies (pickup only or
delivered to Shelby)
for $550.00. FIRM.

Any interested party Please respond Direct and not through the reflector.  
I can provide digital photos.


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