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[TenTec] Flashing screen and lights on an Orion I

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Subject: [TenTec] Flashing screen and lights on an Orion I
From: "Ben K8DIT" <benk8dit@callatg.com>
Reply-to: Discussion of Ten-Tec Equipment <tentec@contesting.com>
Date: Tue, 14 Aug 2007 19:57:11 -0700
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When I got home and turned on the rig this evening the Orion instead of 
booting up began flashing on and off with the screen and all the lights. Its 
as though it was signalling to me, but I let it go on. It finally began a 
boot then most of the way through it began to fade and then the flashing 
again. After a couple of minutes of this it finally booted up. Once booted 
it stayed stable and is fully functional. If I reboot it while warm, it 
comes right back. So this flashing only happens while cold.

Has anyone had this happen? If so, what can you tell me.
I swapped power supplies and even went to a known good deep cycle battery 
but it is still doing it even after swappin power chords. TIA Ben K8DIT 

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