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Re: [TenTec] Triton 544, a classic

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Subject: Re: [TenTec] Triton 544, a classic
From: "Paul Gates, KD3JF" <pearly732003@yahoo.com>
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Date: Thu, 16 Aug 2007 10:45:05 -0700 (PDT)
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I agree with you Joe. Through the years I have had 2- 544's and really hated 
getting rid of those. I just recently purchased a 544 with PS and really am 
enjoying it. I too like the audio. I can handle the noise a lot better with the 
544 than I can with my Icom 706!

Paul Gates KD3JF

Joe Roberts <jroberts@io.com> wrote: After four years with no TT radio, and two 
years with no radios at all 
due to being in a PhD program with no time or space to operate, I broke 
down and bought an Omni V, a Paragon II, and a 544 (Triton digital).

Previously, I was a long time user of the Corsair II.

Best I can do at the moment is a half wave vertical on a kite pole on 
the back patio, but have been playing with each of the radios enough to 
get a good feel for their personalities...and Ten-Tec radios sure do 
have personalities.

Leaving aside comments on the Omni V (needs mods for SSB use) and 
Paragon II (which is a fabulous, smooth operating rig), I am really in 
love with the Triton 544. What great audio! This is one of the most easy 
listening radios I've heard and I have owned dozens of good tube rigs, 
FT-102s, Collins, Kenwoods, blah blah blah. Line noise that makes the 
Omni V painful to listen to is hardly there on the 544. It's like magic.

The 544 is almost perfect for what it is, except for the little quirk of 
DISPLAY NOISE. Now, this phenomenon is well known and seems to be 
accepted as part of the "whole package" of the 544. It is always loud 
enough to be perceived even under signals and noise, chugging away like 
a pulsating digital mode signal.

True...I have never encountered a case where the noise prevented copy of 
a real signal. But it is kind of irksome and a wart on what is otherwise 
an unbelievably good vintage receiver.

Once upon a time, I would have ripped into this thing with a scope, 
shielded cable, and a pile of fresh caps and ferrites, but since I only 
have a Swiss Army knife and a Fluke DMM at hand, I am reluctant to mess 
with it. Also, I recognize that it is what it is and the noise is part 
of that 70s digital identity in a way.

Nonetheless, I'm wondering if anyone has a solution for this normal 
"problem" -- short of buying an analog Triton, which I might do anyway. 
The construction and layout of the rig, which is very traditional and a 
nostalgic joy to behold, exhibits no effort to control digital noise.

In my 35 year hamming career I have seen many Tritons in magazine ads 
and on hamfest tables and never realized what they were. Now I know, and 
I can't think of a better radio to drag out to the back patio with a 
hand mic for some early evening relaxation.

I'm inclined to leave the 544 as is and enjoy it...but if anybody has 
hints and kinks on getting rid of that infernal display trash, I'd love 
to hear it.


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