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[TenTec] V2.062A - Orion and DXBase Logging Program

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Subject: [TenTec] V2.062A - Orion and DXBase Logging Program
From: "Merle Bone" <merlebone@charter.net>
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Date: Wed, 22 Aug 2007 21:29:55 -0500
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Although Ten-Tec fixed the remote control code - to have the Orion select the 
antenna configuration from its memory when the band was changed from remote 
control, that function would not work with remote control from my DXBase 
logging software program.  When changing frequency/band the DXBase program 
sends a series of commands:
First it retrieves band/freq/mode/split which is stored in the event you want 
to switch back to the last frequency. Then it sends set: VFOA, mode, VFOB and 
split. For some reason that exchange causes the antenna selection process in 
the Orion to fail. It tries to switch the antenna and then reverts to its 
previous setting. Since I don't have a "datascope" I cant really see the data 
moving back and forth between DXBase and the Orion. 

I had been using the N4PY program to control a SteppIR antenna with the Orion 
for a while, not long after I got the Orion. I stopped using it because I 
didn't use the SteppIR all that much and the N4PY has the "quirk" that it 
doesn't handle the DXBase "RESET HF Frequency" commands (Which may be a quirk 
with the DXBase file interface) - which are supposed to return the radio to its 
original setting after you QSY to another DX spot and want to go back to where 
you were. Recently I reactivated the N4PY program - which uses a file interface 
between the DXBase program and the N4PY program - to test the Orion antenna 
switching function. I am glad to say that the N4PY program does cause the Orion 
antenna selection function to work correctly - activating receive only antennas 
on the correct bands. So if this function is important to you, and you use 
DXBase, N4PY can be a solution for the DXBase/Orion antenna switch problem (I 
have used other programs to drive the Orion, like Ham Radi
 o Deluxe and the Orion antenna switching function works fine with them).  I 
wish Carl had the "keys" to the Orion firmware so he could "fix" some of the  
issues with V2.062a.  Maybe an "attractive" new Elecraft K3 is the next 
firmware upgrade :-)
73, Merle - W0EWM
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