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[TenTec] Triton 540 digital readout

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Subject: [TenTec] Triton 540 digital readout
From: "Louis A. Ciotti Jr." <lciotti@twcny.rr.com>
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Date: 27 Aug 2007 13:47:00 -0400
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So I got my grandfathers Triton IV(540) back on Friday from Ten-tec.  They 
fixed everything up and got it tuned up and sent it back.  I must say I am 
impressed.  The cost was not too much and the service was fast..  

So this weekend I hooked every thing up to see how it worked (262 power supply, 
original Ten-Tec tuner, the digital readout, and a shure 522 microphone).

I threw up about 70 foot of wire and hooked it up to the tuner, and fired the 
rig up.

Being a newly upgraded general I listend for a bit, and played with some of thr 
adjustment.  I came across someone calling CQ, so I nervously answered the 
call.  His signal level was just above the noise, but he was able to hear me.  
After the basic exchange I lost him in the noise...  My fisrt HF contact... 
What a thrill with very little thought for an antenna.  I later jumped into a 
small group and was able to get some decent reports.

They all said my audio was clear, but very "bass-y".  I assume this is because 
of the shure 522 frequency responce.  If so is there some thing I can do to 
correct it?  Maybe filter the audio?

Now for some problems that I noticed and some questions:

1) On 80 meters, the digital readout is some time all over the place ... 
sometime dead on.  I did not send thin back to ten-tec with the triton now I 
think I should have...

2) I am not sure I fully understand how to use the calibrator.  The manual says 
to "zero beat" on the tone, but how do I know when I am there?  Do I listen for 
a specific pitch or to I use the peak on the s-meter?

3)  When I move the mode switch to lock I sometimed have to give the radio a 
little tap before it actually starts to output a signal for me tp tune up my 
antenna.  I am assuming it is just a flaky contact that they missed during the 

4)  What is the actaul output power this radio can put out?  The manual states 
"200 watts in the optimum band with the alc fully clockwise and 75 watts with 
the alc fully counter-clockwise".  I did an internet search and it stated 100 
watts... So which is it and what is the "optimum band"

Anyway I am happy the rig is mostly working... now if I can just iron out the 

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