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Date: Thu, 30 Aug 2007 13:34:02 -0400
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2 in 1....

Natan Huffman wrote:
> Yes, I would also certainly like to know the status and character of the
> high speed sweep board accessory.  Can TT give an idea of release date and
> cost?  Inquiring minds you know.
> Natan W6XR
> Ithaca, NY

There isn't one, unfortunately -- no projected price yet, and it's not 
on our production schedule to build at present.

We've seen it in action -- it does look very neat -- but it still needs 
some ironing out and not much testing has been done as of yet.

> You mention the Omni VII and Orion II as possible recipients for the "new"
> sweep board.  Does this mean the Orion 565 owners are out of luck?
> 73, 
> Rick, VE7TK

Yes, it does, unfortunately.  When we came up with the idea for the 
sweep board, it wasn't for the Orion II -- it was for the Omni-VII.   We 
were in the middle of the design cycle on the Omni-VII in early 2005 
when we decided to change models to the Orion II, and the capability to 
use the new Omni-VII sweep board was also added to the logic system of 
the newer version of the Orion.  It can't be retrofitted to the original 
version of the Orion.

Scott Robbins
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