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Subject: [TenTec] Abbreviations used by amateurs.doc
From: "Lyle Dunlap" <qskqrq@grics.net>
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Date: Tue, 4 Dec 2007 10:25:24 -0600
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Abbreviations used by amateurs

Short           Full                    Short           Full

ABT             About                   CUAGN           See you again
AGN             Again                   DE              From
AHD             Ahead                   DA              Day
AHR             Another                 DNT             Don't
ANI             Any                     DINT            Did not
APRX Approximate-Approximately          DH              Deadhead
BC              Broadcast               DC              Direct Current
Bd              Bad                     DX              Long Distance
B4              Before                  ES              And
BI              By                      EZ              Easy
BK              Break                   FB              Fine Business
BN              Been                    FM              From
BT              But                     FR              For
BCUZ            Because         FRQ             Frequency
BTWN            Between         GA              Go Ahead
BIZ             Business                GB              Good-Bye
C               See                     GM              Good Morning
CLR             Clear                   GN              Good Night
CN              Can                     GG              Going
CNT             Can't                   GT              Got-Get
CK              Check                   GND             Ground
CKT             Circuit                 HA (HI)  Laughter
CMG             Coming                  HM               Him
CUD             Could                   HR               Hear-Hear
CW              Continuous Wave HV                Have
CUL             See You Later           HW                How
IC              I See                   OB               Old Boy
ICW     Interrupted Continuous Wave             OL              Old Lady
K               Go Ahead                OM              Old Man
LID             Poor Operator           OP              Operator
LFT             Left                    OT              Old Top-Timer
LST             Last-Listen             OW              Old Woman
LTR             Letter                  PLS             Please
MA              Millampere              R               OK
MC              Megacycle               RCD             Received
MG              Motor Generator RCVR            Receiver
MI              My                      RI              Radio Inspector
MK              Make                    SA              Say
MO              More                    SEZ             Says
MSG             Message         SM              Some
MT              Empty                   SW              Short-Wave
ND              Nothing-Doing           SIG             Signal
NG              No Good         SKED            Schedule
NIL             Nothing         TFC             Traffic
NM              No More         TMW             Tomorrow
NW              Now                     TR              There
TK              Take                    TKS             Thanks
TKS             Thanks                  TNK             Think
U               You                     UD              You Would
UL              You Will                UR              Your
VB              Very Bad                VT              Vacuum Tube
VY              Very                    WA              Word After
WB              Word Before             WD              Would
WF              Word Following  WK              Work
WL              Will-Would              WN              When
WT              What                    WX              Weather
X               Interference            Xmtr            Transmitter
YF              Wife                    YL              Young Lady
Yr              Year                    30               Finish-End
73               Best Regards           88              Love and Kisses
Dit  DAAh DAAH  Dit  Dit (The two dashes are drawn out,  then space E  E )   
What is your sign?  
(This was an old MORSE signal but used by most of old timers on air)  Often 
times it would be your initials, two or sometimes 3 letters and of course it 
could be your call.

Times change, expressions change, abbreviations change from time to time but 
mostly for the worst.  An exception, for me anyway, is the change from "Handle" 
to "Name" (on fone of course)   Makes sense to me.   I absolutely cringe when I 
hear the expression:  "Back to you" On CW YET!!

Lyle W9FCX

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