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[TenTec] OT: First Class Radiotelegraph license

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Subject: [TenTec] OT: First Class Radiotelegraph license
From: Kevin Purcell <kevinpurcell@pobox.com>
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Date: Tue, 4 Dec 2007 21:12:41 -0800
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The problem with getting to First Class is you need time on the air  
using CW. And that doesn't happen any more what with GMDSS.


Except at the "new" 500kHz coast stations.


> Ah, but to sit the exam for the First Class Radiotelegraph license  
> one must be
> able to demonstrate experience as a commercial Morse operator  
> aboard ship or at
> a coast station. The places where such experience can be obtained  
> are indeed
> thin upon the ground these days. As the US Federal Communications  
> Commission
> recently ruled, amateur and military experience doesn't count.
> But one year after obtaining your coast station license and putting  
> your station
> into operation, or by being associated with the station of another  
> licensee, you
> will be qualified to take the exam for the First Radiotelegraph.

Read the thread for more info.

OK, this is OT. I suppose TT doesn't make any 500KHz gear. Yet :-)

73 Kevin

On Dec 4, 2007, at 7:49 PM, Kim Elmore wrote:

> I have my 2nd Class Radiotelegraph, mainly because I saw that it was
> still available. For some odd reason, the FCC hasn't done away with
> it. I took my 20 wpm Extra test before the FCC, so I qualified by
> taking only the written portion. The written is pretty arcane (and
> hasn't been updated for many years), asking lots of questions about
> super-regen receivers and message handling protocols. I learned those
> on CW traffic nets, so it wasn't too bad.

Kevin Purcell

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