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Re: [TenTec] "HIGH SPEED SWEEP" accessory

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Subject: Re: [TenTec] "HIGH SPEED SWEEP" accessory
From: Steve Berg <wa9jml@tbc.net>
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Date: Thu, 06 Dec 2007 12:07:16 -0600
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I, for one am very glad that Ten Tec is still in the ham radio market. 
It cannot be a very profitable niche, and frequently it is thankless. I 
am especially appreciative that they support their older products.  As 
one who has never really transitioned from vacuum tubes totally, and is 
not a high end contest operator I am very glad that they continue to 
service and support my Corsair II, Argonaut II and Omni V.  I will 
likely never buy another software based radio simply because I find them 
needlessly complex and loaded with features I never use.  No doubt, Ten 
Tec will eventually get the sweep feature designed and debugged, and out 
to those of you who can appreciate it.  Having worked as an engineer and 
as a project manager I can attest that sometimes things get sent to 
market without all the advertised features. At one millimeter wave firm 
where I toiled, I helped put together our product catalog.  Privately we 
called it the wish book.  We wished someone would but some of these 
products so we could see if we could actually make them...  We also had 
a poster up on the wall in the design/test room which said: "In the life 
of every project, there comes a time when we must shoot the engineer, 
and commence production."  This in a place with some of the best 
millimeter wave engineers in the world.

Please keep supporting the old stuff!  It is still a lot of fun to use.


Steve WA9JML
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