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Date: Thu, 06 Dec 2007 15:54:54 -0500
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I guess the new meaning of R is:  I hear you. -- Fact of  life:  the slower 
the sending the more the repeats.  I try to demonstrate practice to the 
blessed ones trying hard to keep CW active by sending to them slowly, 
precisely and with no repeats.  Sometimes they catch on.  And the inevitable 
commas, periods - and the longer the state name the more likely to be 
spelled out in full.  But anything that will help increase the ranks of CW 
ops is worth it.  Anyone can talk  -  but good CW has to be learned, and if 
I could learn anyone can - and become a real radio operator.
On the positive side, a good friend on the ARRL staff in CT says that since 
no-code started there's been a significant increase in queries and request 
for study materials, the presumption being that if something is not forced 
on someone they're more likely at least to investigate and give it a try. 
Whatever works,  -- etc. K3TX
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>  Yep Joe,
>  "R R R but I missed your name and QTH"  gets  my vote for the most 
> annoying, and maybe heard the most frequently, operating error.
>  73,
>  Ross
>  W6FG
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