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Date: Thu, 6 Dec 2007 17:29:28 -0600
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Keep up the good work.  CW can be easy and fun but lots of folks seem to 
want to make hard work out of it.  Been pounding brass now nearly 70 years, 
a lot of those years as my life's work.

Slow CW is ok up until one knows the alphabet, from then on should be no 
slower than 25 WPM.  One can leave space (Farnsworth) but keep it at at 
least 25 at least.

Reason for that, makes it much easier to move on up.  In old days we did not 
have the means of sending faster cw than one could put out with hand key. 
Consequently most stuck with the DIT  DAAH  method, and stayed that way.

Listening to CHARACTERS and then making them into a word is so much harder 
than just listening to WORDS.

Achieving approximately 55 wpm is not all that hard, its about the speed 
where you start listening to words, and even phrases.  Am speaking 
conversationally, not necessarily traffic handling where accuracy is of 
course important.

 Spending lot of minutes of a QSO and all you have found out is the fellows 
age and how long he has been a ham.  Whopee

QSK is another must as far as I am concerned.  Dont use push to talk on 
telephone so no need to do so in ham radio.
Lyle W9FCX


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