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From: "Bob McGraw - K4TAX" <RMcGraw@Blomand.net>
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Date: Thu, 13 Dec 2007 11:47:32 -0600
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I think Bob makes some good points.  I for one had to deal with software 
issues in other non-Tentec products and as one that served in a customer 
support role for a company that made hardware that was largely dependant on 
software, I have somewhat of a customer expectations clue when frustrations 

I've found that many users define "bugs" as those that cause a system to 
lock-up, crash, fail, or simply become non-functional.  Then there's others 
that define "bugs" as operational modes or methods that do not perform in a 
manner to which "they wish" they would perform.  There's major differences 
in the way companies respond to these two types of issues.  One is "a must 
fix" approach and the other is a "wish list" approach.  Be sure that you 
express your "bugs" in the correct level of intensity.

My personal experience with Tentec is that they do respond to the "must fix" 
type of bugs quite promptly.  Sometimes within hours.  The "wish list" is 
exactly that and will typically be implemented as time, manpower and future 
releases and demands for the items surface.  It is indeed a delight to see a 
programmer for a company appear with one to one dialogue within a discussion 
group.  I don't recall seeing this with the other companies.  So, what makes 
Tentec different?  Customer service and technical support along with some of 
the best products on the ham bands.  No, they are not perfect, neither are 
the other companies products and software.

Bob, K4TAX

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> I'm sorry you feel that way.  TenTec has built a fantastic radio in the 
> Orion.  They were so far ahead of others and many of us have been VERY 
> happy with the Orion performance.  The K3 is nice, but unless it is a BIWI 
> buy you won't get much  more (ok 6 meters and a clock) nor more perfect 
> just by switching to the K3.
> I continue to run ver 1.373b5 on both my Orions without complaint.  There 
> are no "bugs" that I cannot live with.  Those of us that went through the 
> trials and tribulations of early firmware releases do not wish to relive 
> that period.  TenTec did not let us down.  They continued to improve the 
> radio and fix the "bugs" that we found.  In my 40 years of hamming I never 
> owned a "perfect" radio and don't expect the Orion to be so.  I use it 
> daily and remain amazed by its performance.  It does all I ask of it and 
> more.
> I for one would far rather TenTec expend their resources on products that 
> will keep the company solvent than react to some folks who are not going 
> to be made happy no matter what.  I want TenTec around for a while.  Its 
> good for ham radio and good for the US economy.  Merry Christmas  73 bob 
> de w9ge
> Al W5IZ said in part:  Let me understand that I bought 2 TenTec Orions, an 
> Orion and an Orion II, and paid for them in full.  The firmware has bugs 
> years after the purchase.  TenTec is aware of the bugs and I should wait 
> for them to do other things before fixing the bugs.  Sorry, companies lose 
> customers by ignoring them in this manner.  I am certain that former 
> TenTec customers have moved to the K3 and will continue to do so.  Perhaps 
> that is a business strategy of TenTec to get the complainers to change 
> loyalties to another supplier and whine on their reflectors instead. 
> There is certainly a lot of moaning about deliveries on the Elecraft site, 
> so if it is TenTec's stratgegy it is working. 73 de Al, W5IZ
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