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[TenTec] almost OT (involves Omni VI)

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Subject: [TenTec] almost OT (involves Omni VI)
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Date: Fri, 14 Dec 2007 07:28:37 -0600
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I've noticed that with my Omni VI (opt 3) on 40 meters I will clearly hear key 
clicks from some stations, with what sound like true keying sidebands when they 
are stronger than S9+10 or so, and keying with a bug or straight key.  These 
clicks or keying sidebands can be 5 khz away and still S9+, and are not nulled 
by using the 500hz 9mhz filter.

There are some stations where I pick this up even if they are using a keyer...

So...question 1: can the use of a straight key or bug produce keying sidebands 
or clicks if good solid contact is not being made (as sounds to be the case in 
this situation); and

Is the Omni VI especially sensitive to the received CW wave form (perhaps due 
to something in its AGC structure)?

I have listened with AGC fast, slow and off...and these keying sidebands and/or 
clicks are still there.  

So is it me...or just that many crappy signals on 40 meters?

Art, K0RO
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