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From: "Gary Smith" <Gary@doctorgary.net>
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Date: Fri, 14 Dec 2007 15:13:04 -0500
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Good people,

Speaking from my personal experiences; I've found TenTec continues to 
be a fine example of what I consider realistic service to be. 

I'm replacing some capacitors in my 20 year old radio and couldn't 
find exact replacements. I called TenTec and told them I needed these 
two difficult caps to find and the next question they asked was what 
is my mailing address?, and it'll be in the next mail out.

Call one of the other companies & I suspect you'll find a different 
comment like I'll transfer you to the parts dept. or Your RMA # is... 
To me, if TenTec didn't care about their customers, it would be all 
business & zip for humanity.

As long as TenTec keeps selling radios, I'll own one and the Omni VII 
or Orion II will be my next new one. TenTec has always been good and 
more than fair to me. 

I suspect what some are commenting negatively about relates to the 
place or show status of that hams current wish list. They want the 
win position in the priorities game and didn't get it. 

To wit: In health care when there's a series of victims than must be 
attended to and the the staff can not attend to all needs at once, 
the concept of triage where the most needy get treated first and the 
least needy get treated last is utilized; all will be treated but the 
first first treated needs the most care. The person with the broken 
ankle might be very upset they have to wait an hour to be seen but 
the people with the life threatening  needs the staff attention 
infinitely more than the person with the broken ankle. To do anything 
but care for the mortally wounded but with a chance for survival 
first would be unthinkable. Faced with many decisions and fixed 
staff, a company has to follow the triage approach to be equally 

With so many legacy pieces of equipment to deal with, factory mods to 
develop, cost effective solutions to invent and implement, while 
keeping a profitable operation that allows American workers to have a 
job instead of being outsourced overseas; it's amazing a company like 
TenTec finds the time to do it all and still mail a few capacitors to 
a guy who needs them & do it in a way filled with humanity.

My 2 cents,

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