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Subject: Re: [TenTec] Ten-Tec commitment to customers...
From: "John" <fraz1@bellsouth.net>
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Date: Fri, 14 Dec 2007 16:30:51 -0600
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Grant, let's tone this down, or better yet, let's all punt.  We each have 
our opinions....and none are probably any better than the other.  Like you, 
I have owned MANY top line radios over the 47 years I've been licensed.    I 
have received OUTSTANDING service from Icom in every instance I've had to 
call on them.  Most for upgrades.  I am not a member of a specific cult or 
following.  I just use the radios.  If you think that TT delivered what they 
promised on the Orion, that's simply great.  I, and obviously others,don't. 
I also have had the Orion and O II setting here side by side.  I opt for the 
Orion over the Orion II.  The screen was better on the O II, and the 
features didn't lock up like they do on the Orion at times, but I feel/felt 
the performance overall was better on the Orion.

73 John
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>> Orion II firmware update was made in May 07.  Not quite what
>> I expected from
>> the promise to keep my radio upgraded.
> I'm sitting here trying to figure out what you guys want.  1KW tranmitter
> firmware?  dc to light receive firmware?  CW decoders? A driver for your 
> new
> 52" plasma display? Teleportation technology?  Fully automatic contest
> participation?  Menu selectable cabinet colors?
> Seriously, there are still some things all of us would like to see
> "improved", depending or whether your point of view is that something is
> broken, or "it doesn't work the way I want it to and I paid for it to work
> THE WAY I WANT IT TO", or I couldn't break the pileup because I couldn't
> hear the guy (and you think you would have heard him on something else?), 
> or
> something.
> If you believe spending a few more kilobucks on some other radio will take
> you to Nirvana, then you haven't owned many radios.
> And if you have a grumble about actual support, then you also haven't 
> owned
> many radios from other vendors.
> Grant/NQ5T
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