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Subject: Re: [TenTec] radio remote
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Date: Sun, 16 Dec 2007 19:43:37 +0200
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On Sun, Dec 16, 2007 at 11:14:46AM -0600, Leo Bricker K5LDB wrote:
> I own commercial trucks and drive one of them. I have no metal surface 
> for antennas. I tried a mirror mount but couldn't get a decent ground. 
> I've heard the Omni VII can be operated remotely via internet but don't 
> know how that works. Can it be set up at home and me use it from the 
> truck? Thanks for any and all advice.

You still need some sort of connection to it for relatively high speed 
data. This would most likely be a cellular data modem which is not cheap
to buy or use.

WiFi might work, but you need to be in an area with good WiFi coverage,
and since you are moving, it would be likely that there would be constant
interuptions as you go out of range of one access point and into that of
another. Unlike cellular phone hand-offs, which are controlled by a base
station, WiFi ones are controlled by the remote (your truck) end, and
are based upon the strongest signal. 

At 60 mph, this could be a very interesting thing due to signal fades
as you zoom through quarter wavelength zones. Local delivery service
might work fine this way, if you were in an area with good WiFi coverage.

Satellite service would be better, but the cost would so high that
it is impractical.

In a compeletly different direction, if you have no metal to use as
a ground, does that mean there is little or no metal in the shell of
the truck? For example instead of a shiiping container, it's  a 
fiberglass shell or has a cloth tarp as the top? 

Could you make a dipole from a pair of mobile whilp antennas and
lay it on top. Tye ropes to the ends to use to lash it down.

Depending upon the truck and the cargo, you probably would have
to work QRP, but that would not be so bad. Something like an Argo
509 or 515 would be perfect for it. 


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